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Foody Thursday – Chocolate Valentines

Here is what me and Alissa made for our boys this Valentine’s Day  – chocolate Valentine’s   We baked a basic chocolate sponge – the one from the package, where you add 3 eggs, cup of water and 1/3 cup of oil Then, we cut out hearts of various colour ...

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Foody Thursday – Warm Quinoa Salad

It is all about healthy eating now, right? Some “healthy” recipes you come across just make you want to quit healthy eating once and forever. This one is not one of those 🙂 We actually made it up with kids, then ate it, then made it again to take pictures. ...

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Foody Thursday – Strawberry Cloud Cake

Baked this one a while ago – found pictures today. May it bring a bit of summer and sunshine to your homes! Classic and always trendy – vanilla sponge, whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate. Enjoy! ...

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